Intuitive Eating,
Non-Diet Nutrition &
Weight Inclusive Health

Hey there!

Welcome to the London Centre for Intuitive Eating, we’re so glad you’ve found us! We’re a team of Nutrition Counsellors based in (yep, you guessed it) London, helping people like you get their sh*t together around food. 

We specialise in Intuitive Eating, weight inclusive and body affirming care; using non-diet and person centred approaches to nutrition and health. We work in a way that values the lived experience of the person in front of us, and aim where we can to create a safe and inclusive space for all bodies.

We’ve got our fingers in a few (delicious) pies:

  • In our 1:1 work as nutrition counsellors, we help people develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Whether you’re looking to work on Intuitive Eating, are in recovery for an eating disorder, or are after some advice with navigating a health condition, we’re here for you. 

  • We run two online courses, helping people develop their Intuitive Eating practice, and helping parents foster a healthy relationship with food and body in their kiddies – keep scrolling for more info.

  • We’re also committed to supporting other clinicians, providing education & resources to change healthcare for the better – check out the For Professionals tab to see what’s on offer.

  • We’re also involved in research, advocacy and share loads of info on our social media

Learn with LCIE

What the ‘F’ is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is a process to help you get out of your head when it comes to food and body image and tune into the signals your body is sending. So many of us feel guilt or anxiety about eating the ‘wrong’ things. We worry and beat ourselves up for that doughnut we had last week. Intuitive Eating helps break down arbitrary food rules and restrictions and external influences over what you can and can’t eat so you can focus on internal cues. It’s about relearning how to eat from the ground up!

How We Can Help

Nutrition Counselling is a term used to describe the way we work – it’s a specialty area within nutrition and dietetics which incorporates counselling skills and gives the people we work with a slightly different experience to a “traditional” nutrition consult. 

We’ve taken the focus away from numbers, meal plans, diets and weight loss; and on to helping people develop a healthy relationship with food and their body, empowering our clients to define what good health means to them. We use a collaborative approach, helping people navigate their health through weight inclusive frameworks (like Intuitive Eating), incorporating our clinical experience and drawing on the latest evidence and guidelines. 

All of our clinicians are registered nutritionists or dietitians, with an ongoing commitment to training, professional development and clinical supervision. 

You can meet our Nutrition Counsellors by clicking here

Our Courses

Need support with your relationship with food?

Work 1:1 with a nutrition counsellor!

This is the part where you learn to stop determining your value based on what you’ve eaten, how much you’ve moved, or a number on the scale. We uncover all the messages you’ve received about your body not being good enough that lead to body dissatisfaction and help you slowly and gently develop gratitude (not just for your body, but all the other cool shit in your life), which has been shown to help improve body satisfaction. We’ll also build other strategies for moving towards body neutrality like embodiment and positive self-talk.

Weight Inclusive Guides