We understand that adapting to a weight inclusive, non-diet approach to healthcare can be a challenging process. Most of the resources available to healthcare professionals, while useful and evidence based, can be guilty of contributing to the weight-centric model we’re trying to distance ourselves from. This is particularly an issue with hand-outs and resources designed for clients, as they can conflict with the non-diet approach and create a roadblock to effective care.

To address this, we’ve developed a series of downloadable e-books and accompanying webinars which give an overview of a range of clinical conditions through an evidence-informed, weight- inclusive, and non-diet lens. Taking an evidence-informed approach, we’ve sifted through the evidence and unpacked guidelines with a critical eye to bring together a comprehensive guide to integrating intuitive eating and weight-inclusive approaches into the nutrition care process. Topics include a range from metabolic syndrome and women’s health to gastrointestinal conditions & more, with a new topic released each month!

Each month's pack includes:

  • Lifetime access to a 1-hour webinar covering pathophysiology, aetiology, assessment, a critical analysis of current guidelines and the weight inclusive management of the condition
  • Live 30-minute Q+A with the clinicians at LCIE to iron out any remaining questions or concerns (please note: if you are signing up after the live date of the Q+A you will have access to the pre-recorded material)
  • Comprehensive, peer-reviewed and client-ready e-book detailing the weight inclusive management of the condition. We talk through the the condition, outline nutrition recommendations, the latest evidence, supplements and medications to be aware of, and other supportive strategies like movement, sleep, rest and stress management, all specific to the condition.
  • Accompanying clinician’s guide that gives some tips and tricks for implementing the non-diet approach and some considerations for best practice.

Upcoming Topics

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (January)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (February)

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (March)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (April)

Insulin Resistance (May)

Fertility (June)

Gestational Diabetes (August)

Pregnancy (September)

Lipids (October)

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Individual modules are released on the first of each month.

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