Raising Embodied Eaters Course – Launching Soon!

This course aims to equip nutrition and healthcare professionals (and anyone else involved with feeding kids!), with the tools to support an attuned and responsive feeding relationship, based on trust and respect, that lays the foundation for a positive relationship with food and their bodies for the years ahead. We believe that kids are gifted with an embodied trust in themselves; this course takes a feeding approach designed to help preserve those instincts.

Our course goes deep into both the science and practical aspects of supporting kiddos to have a positive relationship with food and their bodies. 

We begin by looking at how typical eating develops, and how common feeding practices (such as pressure or persuasion) can often lead to disconnection and disembodiment.

We’ll then move on to look at more responsive feeding practices that prioritise embodiment, safety, agency, and connection.

After, we’ll cover the role of anti-fat stigma and diet culture in nutrition and feeding and how these can skew how we view growth, and cause unnecessary and potentially harmful intervention. 

Finally, we consider Dr. Niva Piran’s Developmental Theory of Embodiment as a lens for understanding how we can support kids and adolescents to continue to feel at home in their body.

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About the Nutrition Counsellor Series:

We currently offer 3 courses in our Nutrition Counsellor Series to support professionals in their practice.

Our foundational course, Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approaches in Practice, launched in early 2019, and has since seen hundreds of professionals learn about, and make a commitment to, non-diet, weight inclusive practice. But we also acknowledge that one course could never contain the breadth and depth of learning useful when working as a nutrition counsellor.

In 2019 we ran a series of in-person workshops bringing together counselling skills with nutritional science. We wanted to make these workshops more accessible to HCPs worldwide, and so the second and third online courses were born!

To develop these courses, we took the key themes from our in-person workshops, built on them and adapted the content for an online learning environment. Splitting the workshop into two courses enabled us to pack in even more juicy content, skills and learning for you to sip on, and allowed us to refine the modules into a logical, theory to practice model to support your learning.

As such, we recommend undertaking the courses in order, starting with 1. Applying IE and NDA in Practice, then completing 2. Advanced Counselling Skills, before rounding it out with 3. Nutrition Counselling in Practice. Hit the button below to find out about each of the courses in this series and how to enrol.

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About the Weight Inclusive Guides Series:

We understand that adapting to a weight-inclusive, non-diet approach to healthcare can be a challenging process. Most of the resources available to healthcare professionals, while useful and evidence based, can be guilty of contributing to the weight-centric model we’re trying to distance ourselves from. This is particularly an issue with hand-outs and resources designed for clients, as they can conflict with the non-diet approach and create a roadblock to effective care.

To address this, we’ve developed a series of downloadable e-books and accompanying webinars that give an overview of a range of clinical conditions through an evidence-informed, weight-inclusive, and non-diet lens. Taking an evidence-informed approach, we’ve sifted through the evidence and unpacked guidelines with a critical eye to bring together a comprehensive guide to integrating intuitive eating and weight-inclusive approaches into the nutrition care process. Topics include a range from metabolic syndrome and reproductive health to gastrointestinal conditions & more!

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An essential part of clinical practice & specialising in intuitive eating and non-diet approaches is clinical supervision. Laura has a limited number of opportunities to offer support to clinicians through supervision. If you’re a healthcare professional looking to reflect, learn and work on personal and professional development, get in touch!

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