A workshop led by the team at London Centre for Intuitive Eating

Day 1 – Research update including critical appraisal of recent literature pertaining to intuitive eating Health at Every Size and non diet approaches. We’ll also take a critical look at the ‘weight management’ literature. We’ll then layer on communication skills and strategies to inspire curiosity and non-judgement in our clients informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI). We’ll also explore the core values associated with working in this paradigm. We’ll also discuss the role of medical nutrition therapy in the context of non-diet approaches and how to successfully integrate them into your practice.

We’re delighted to have Sarah Dempster of Wee Foodies join us to discuss compassion centred care.

Day 2 – We will continue to build on the communication skills developed in day 1 and layer on specific clinical tools to help clients build their ‘toolkit’ for navigating healing from diet culture. We will take a deep dive into body image work and take a closer look at common challenges clients face and how we can help guide and support them through tricky road bumps. We will specifically look at helping clients develop self- compassion, but also how we as practitioners can avoid compassion fatigue. We will also discuss scope of practice, forming and working within MDTs, and clinical supervision.

We will release full programme details closer to the time.

Edinburgh – October 24/25
Dovecot Studios
10 Infirmary St

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