• Do you spend 90% of your day worrying about what to eat?
  • Do you worry if your fruit salad was too high in sugar, or are you anxious about whether Paleo or plant-based is better?
  • Do you have rules about what, when, and how much to eat?
  • Do you feel like you need a PhD in math to figure out how much you have to work out in order to ‘earn’ a cookie based on what you’ve already eaten that day, and how many carbs and protein are in your other meals?
  • Have you dedicated enormous amounts of time, money, energy and other precious resources to solving the problem of what to eat?
  • Do you feel fearful and anxious about feeding your body?
  • Do you find it hard to understand and interpret your hunger and fullness cues and don’t trust yourself around food?
  • Do you let scales, or a calorie tracker dictate how you feel about yourself?
  • Do you punish your body with extreme exercise and deploy elaborate systems of hunger avoidance (Diet Coke, anyone?)?
  • Do you feel guilty about eating the foods you enjoy?

We get it.

At LCIE, we work with people like you all the time, to help them break out of diet prison and help them build a happy and healthy relationship with food. We help people shrug off unrealistic body ideals and ‘perfect’ diets and to stop overthinking food. We help people get out of their heads, and learn to tune into their bodies. We have created this self-paced online course and community, bringing together the best bits of our clinical practice, and our director, Laura’s, popular new book Just Eat It; How Intuitive Eating Can Help you Get Your Shit Together Around Food (which, side note, Dolly Alderton called “truly life-changing”). Based on the principles of Intuitive Eating, an evidence-based programme (whoah, science, cool!) for helping you build a healthy relationship to food, we teach you how to breakup with dieting for good, and learn to trust your body’s cues.

How Does It Work?

This self-paced course covers the ten principles of Intuitive Eating, giving you practical tools, activities, and journaling prompts to deepen your Intuitive Eating practice. We start with our Intuitive Eating Toolkit module, which helps you build foundational skills for taking your IE practice next-level. From there, each module builds on the previous one, layering on practical tips, inspiration, advice and most importantly, support as you figure out what Intuitive Eating means for you. You’ll also be added to our member’s only Facebook community where members of the LCIE team are on standby to help answer your questions.

Lifetime access to the course materials and community (including any new content that gets added)

Private Facebook community supported by the team here at LCIE

Access to pre-recorded podcast episodes tackling FAQs (exclusive to the course)

A beautifully designed 90-page workbook that you can download and print or type on

Downloadable MP3 guided meditations and body scans

Downloadable infographics, charts, and images (to save to your phone or print)

Special discounts on 1-1 services at LCIE

Support from registered nutritionists and dietitians who have actual degrees in nutrition (no charlatans here) who are trained and experienced in Intuitive Eating

The course covers the following modules:

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is designed to be taken at your own speed. After launch, each week a new concept will be released via video content. We encourage people to slow down and take their time and really let the concepts sink in; if you try and rush, you’re more likely to hit road bumps. We fully expect you to go back to some of these concepts two, three or four times!

What are the benefits of Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is a relatively new field of inquiry in scientific research, however, we have some good evidence to suggest that Intuitive Eating can help improve body image, reduce food anxiety, and improve cognitive flexibility (no more black and white thinking!). Intuitive eaters are also more likely to exercise for pleasure and because it feels good, rather than for calorie burning, and they tend to gravitate towards a variety and balance of different foods, giving them an overall higher diet quality. Intuitive eaters may also have lower risks of certain diseases like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Anecdotally, our clients tell us that the biggest benefit for them is the sense of freedom, extra brain space to think about things that are most important to them, and a peaceful relationship with food, body and exercise.

Will this course help me lose weight?

Intuitive Eating is NOT a weight loss tool, it’s a non-diet approach to having a healthy relationship to food (diets are usually the things that screw us up in the first place, and you can’t heal from what hurt ya!). That said, Intuitive Eating is still very much a health promoting choice. It can help you find what a heathy weight is for your body, based on your natural set-point weight (your genetic blueprint) and a set of healthy behaviours, not based on a number on the scale! To learn more about this read our ‘What is Intuitive Eating’ page or listen to our podcast about healthy behaviours at any body size.

When does it start?

The course officially launches on March 19th 2019 – but you can sign up now to get the early bird discount! Check out our podcast or sign up to our newsletter to get the code!  

How much does it cost?

The full cost of the course is £250. Once signed up, you’ll be given unlimited, lifetime access to the group and resources – including new content that is added as time goes on. Sign up to our newsletter or check out our podcast for occasional discounts. Unfortunately we cannot accept payment in instalments.

I have an active eating disorder, can I still take the course?

This course is not appropriate for people with active eating disorders; if you are suffering from an eating disorder, or have suffered from one in the past you must have express permission from your GP or care provider to embark on this course. Although this course is intended to help heal your relationship with food and eating, for some it may be triggering for any underlying disordered eating – if at any point you feel you are unduly suffering, you must inform the team at LCIE immediately to ensure you seek the appropriate care. By registering for this course, you are agreeing to the above. If you are looking for help learning how to eat intuitively after having an eating disorder, then please contact us for more information about our 1-1 services.

I like the sound of the course but I have a health condition and I think I need more help, what should I do?

If you are navigating a health concern (for instance, PCOS, IBS, high cholesterol) then we recommend getting on a quick call with a member of our team to help you figure out if the course is appropriate or if you need more 1-1 support.

How is the the course different from the book?

The course has been developed as a companion to the book for people who want to deepen their Intuitive Eating practice. As well as bringing the book activities to life, the course contains new and exclusive material, activities and content that isn’t in the book. Plus you’ll benefit from being able to ask questions about your own personal experiences and have them answered by a member of the LCIE team in our monthly podcast Q+A.

Do I need a copy of Just Eat It?

It’s not essential as all the principles and concepts will be explained in the modules, however, we will be referring to the book and it might be useful to have a copy for your own reference. You can get your copy here in the UK (Just Eat It: How Intuitive Eating Can Help You Get Your Shit Together Around Food) or, if you are outside of the UK you can buy it from  Booktopia in Australia or Whitcoulls in New Zealand. If you are anywhere else we will provide you details of how you can obtain a copy within the course.