Laura Thomas, PhD, RNutr:

We know that there is an overwhelming amount of information for parents to sift through when it comes to nutrition and feeding; it’s often conflicting and confusing and based of food fear and the pathologisation of body weight. This can give the impression that there’s a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way of feeding kids, and if we don’t live up to expectations then we end up feeling guilty and worried that we’re messing up our kids’ health. That’s why we’ve developed ‘Raising Intuitive Eaters’; an online course that cuts through the BS and give you the tools to raise kids who have a healthy relationship with food and their body and who enjoy a wide variety of different foods.

Jess Rann, RD:

Jess is a dietitian with a passion for helping people find happy & peaceful relationships with food and their bodies and works hard to give compassionate & evidence-based (not BS) advice to clients, whatever their age or life circumstance.

As part of her degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at King’s College London, Jess worked in both acute (hospital) and community (GP surgeries, homes visits etc.) clinical placements. She became super interested in how people’s relationships to food & their bodies change throughout their lives, especially if health conditions such as IBS or PCOS are thrown in the mix. As well as working with adults, Jess has also worked with kiddos and their parents in dietetic clinics and organised projects to reduce stress & anxiety around mealtimes at a local school as part of her final placement.

Camilla Ferraro, RD:

Camilla is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with an undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition and a Masters of Dietetic Practice. She has recently relocated to London (from Melbourne, Australia) and has a background in both clinical dietetics (working in a number of large Melbourne hospitals and now for the NHS) and in private practice (seeing primarily primarily patients with mental health concerns/eating disorders and GI issues).

Her clinical experience spans across a range of acute medical and surgical specialities, including most recently working in Oncology, with chemotherapy patients. She approaches nutrition through a non-diet lens and strongly believes in working with patients to foster sustainable behaviour change and a healthy relationship with food, using principles of gentle nutrition >> A.K.A she wants to help you sort your ‘shit out’ with food and your body!

Harriet Frost:

Harriet is out Administrative Assistant – she can help you with booking or scheduling problems, paying for courses, or if you’re having trouble logging in to your online

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