Laura Thomas, PhD, PGDip, RNutr (she/her)
Director and Lead Nutrition Counsellor

Laura established LCIE in 2017 to help support clients who have a difficult relationship with food and their body. She has a passion for delivering inclusive, trauma informed, and person-centred care for all bodies. She draws upon different therapeutic and counselling skills to support her clients in their recovery from disordered eating, chronic dieting, and body dissatisfaction. She also incorporates different health care frameworks into her work, such as Health and Every Size Ⓡ, Intuitive Eating, and Body Image Healing. Much of her work focusses on advocacy and reducing weight-based discrimination within the nutrition profession. Laura takes a collaborative approach to working with clients, recognising that they are the experts of their own bodies and experiences. Her advice and recommendations are not didactic, rather she helps guide and support clients to reconnect with their bodies. 

In January 2019, Laura published her first book with Bluebird Books: Just Eat It: How Intuitive Eating Can Help You Get Your Shit Together Around Food.

Qualifications and further training:

BSc Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen
PhD Nutritional Sciences, Texas A&M University
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Cornell University
PG Dip ClinicalNutrition & Eating Disorders, UCL
Motivational Interviewing
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Intuitive Eating Counselling
Body Image Healing
Treatment of Eating Disorders

Registered with the Association for Nutrition


Rhian Houghton, RD
Senior Nutrition Counsellor

Rhian is a registered Dietitian who aims to support clients to move away from a world of repeated diets, disordered eating and feelings of confusion around food and nutrition. After over 10 years working in the NHS she strongly believes in a compassionate based approach to help people explore their relationship with food and their bodies. Her work with clients is always collaborative, helping them to create change that supports their values and mostly importantly feels good.

Rhian firmly believes in the joy of food and its importance in social connection. Eating is such a pleasure and not something to feel guilty about.

For fun, Rhian enjoys travel, cooking and long-walks to unwind and relax.

Melanie Hargraves, RD (she/her)
Senior Nutrition Counsellor

Melanie works alongside people helping them to rediscover the joys of food and, most importantly, learn to eat in a way that works for them. Alongside training as a dietitian, she’s also undertaken additional training in counselling skills and providing trauma appropriate care, in order to better listen and assist others. 

A central focus of Melanie’s work is working with clients to protect and develop body autonomy, trust and safety. She is also interested in helping parents and caregivers to feed their kids in a way which protects their natural eating instincts, giving them the tools they need to eat well throughout their life.

“I believe that it’s never too late to learn to eat the way you want. Eating should, and can, be pleasurable and not a source of fear or discomfort, and I believe that everyone, regardless of shape, size or health, has the right to be treated with compassion as a human in the world.”

Outside of work Melanie loves blues dancing and most weekends can be found on a dance floor somewhere in London. LGBTQIA+

Olimata Taal, ARNutr (she/her)
Business Support Manager

Olimata is an ARNutr who champions an anti-diet approach to wellbeing, as well as brings attention to the racial disparities within public health services through lived and shared experience. She believes that access to empathetic and appropriate public healthcare, particularly for those in marginalised bodies/communities, is a social justice issue that is paramount to ensuring folks get the treatment they deserve.

Outside of work, you can find Olimata advocating for all of the above over on Instagram @wellwitholi, exploring London for the next best donut spot or re-watching classic Festive films (All. Year. Round!).

Olimata is our Business Support Manager, drop her an email at to say hi!