Advanced Counselling Skills




Take your practice to the next level with this advanced counselling skills course for nutrition professionals! 

This online course consists of six one-hour modules plus a live Q&A with the LCIE team, throughout which you will be introduced to the essential skills, knowledge and understanding to support your professional development as a nutrition counsellor. 

You’ll be provided with all relevant literature and gain access to an exclusive community of course participants. Once you begin the course you have 30 days to view the materials and download the PDFs and tools, with the live Q&A at the conclusion of the course. 


  1. Introduction to nutrition counselling – Familiarise yourself with the role and scope of nutrition counselling, learn how to create and hold space for your clients, and explore some key ideas to hold with you throughout your practice. 
  2. Critical Dietetics & Critical Nutrition Studies – Learn about the Critical Dietetics framework and principles, and explore a range of ways of knowing to support your practice. Explore the concept of healthism, and learn to think critically about your own biases and those present in the healthcare system.
  3. Weight Stigma Theory – Guided by guest lecturer Nicola Haggett, explore some of the key literature behind Weight Stigma to learn to define, identify and understand the implications of it for your practice.
  4. Person Centred Care & Motivational Interviewing – Explore the values that underpin a person centered approach and how this allows us to build therapeutic trust with our clients. Learn how to use a person-centered approach to explore and evoke a client’s own motivation and commitment to change.
  5. Introduction to Therapeutic Models – Learn the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and their use in nutrition counselling, explore how they differ as therapeutic models, understand the evidence and key tools for their use in practise.
  6. Trauma Informed Care – Guest lecturer Jenna Daku guides you through the foundations of trauma-informed care; what it is and why it’s important to our practise as nutrition counsellors. Explore what trauma is and how it impacts the body, mind and life, and explore what this means in the context of disordered eating. Learn when to refer on to a therapist and how to have this conversation with clients. 
  7. Putting it all together; Live Q+A – Facebook live w/ Q+A to troubleshoot and answer questions (in private Facebook group)


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